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... 80 Conclusions and Suggested Research In recognition of the forecasted growth in air travel, coupled with an increasingly documented need to reduce GHG emissions generated at and around airports, today's airports are working on both the airside and the landside to establish practices, programs, and standards that limit, decrease, and even eliminate GHG emissions from necessary functions. Airports are assessing GHG emissions as part of their long-term planning on the basis of economic viability, operational efficiency, natural resource conservation, and social responsibility (EONS)
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... Conclusions and Suggested Research 81 initiatives implemented since 2012, with each offering lessons learned specific to the technology and circumstances. Some initiatives are technically well established and available for broad adoption across the industry (e.g., electrification of ground support equipment)
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... 82 Airport Greenhouse Gas Reduction Efforts ? The Good Traveler Program offers airport partners an opportunity to actively influence travelers passing through their facilities to offset their emissions. Passenger participation is influenced by airport actions to promote the program.
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... Conclusions and Suggested Research 83 ? Assessment of programmatic solutions for GHG reductions that do not require significant capital investment but do require unique management and operational systems. Two solution examples are carbon offsetting and transportation network company management programs.

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